architectural brick model kits

Welcome to the online Hobbies store for Architectural Brick Model Kits. We have a wide variety of architectural brick model kits for you to choose from, and finding what you’re after is easier than ever. Just refine your search by type or by brand!

Hobbies stock two brands for your choosing, Aedes Ars and Domenech. These brands produce excellent architectural brick model kits, which means you will also produce equally as excellent models for your collection.

Aedes Ars produce fantastic scale models of structures you may recognise, including the Great Wall of China (a kit with 4400 pieces!), and Stonehenge, as well as many others. Domenech produce fantastic scale model kits of medieval castles, old English public houses, and even Greek churches.

If you are spoilt for choice, why not try the Aedes Ars Ostentor Gothic German Tower Architectural Model Kit? A fantastic recreation of the east gate featured at the eastern edge of the old part of Regensburg, Germany which was built around 1300 to protect the old city entrance.

The architectural brick model kits featured on this page explain the approximate number of pieces, the degree of difficulty, as well as including everything you will need to get started in the box itself.